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Hope to see you!

One of the toughest things for me to do is to leave on vacation.  Sound like a strange statement? Not that I am not excited to spend time with family but I  must admit20170731_174808[1] the thought of some patients not being able to get their adjustments does leave an uneasy feeling.  Yes, it only a week we are gone, but still I know when I want an adjustment I don’t like to wait.   So how can you make me feel better? Please be proactive and get in this week for an adjustment.  I always feel better knowing people that needed care got in the week before we leave.  Remember the human body is a self healing machine.  Your nervous systems controls how well your body functions.  Your spine protects your nervous system.  The more aligned your spine, the better your body works and your body heals itself.  So, Hope to see you! Dr. Page

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