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Reviews for Page Chiropractic Life Center

What Our South Miami Patients Say

At Page Chiropractic Life Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • Great staff and location! I felt well taken care of and everyone was so nice. Would definitely recommend.
    -Carson P.
  • Grateful to have found you!
    -Maria S.
  • We love Page Chiropractic. Would recommend to everyone
    -Mitzi G.
  • I came in with an extensive pain in my lower back. I could barely walk and thought it would take a long time before being seen. But I was actually able to get an appointment the next day. Love everything about this office!
    -Angel S.
  • Love the environment and professionalism.
    -Rocio A.
  • The staff was super helpful and super nice. The consultation went well, and they were able to accommodate working in an x-ray & the first adjustment while I was still there which saved time for me.
    -Dominic M.
  • Everyone in the office is amazing, helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much.
    -Willy V.
  • One of the best experiences I have ever had with healthcare! I actually enjoy going in for my appointments. I wish every medical practitioner would take the approach that this office takes, a lot more people would be healed in this world!
    -Adan G.
  • Felt great after my 1st adjustment !!!! Very professional and friendly staff.
    -Ingrid C-H.
  • What I read on the reviews are the same experience I received.
    -Belinda S.
  • Amazing staff – very helpful and had my back feeling better first day I went.
    -Christopher R.
  • I’m so grateful and excited to be working with Dr. Page. From the very first visit he has deemed himself as completely trustworthy and knowledgeable and I have already seen results after just ONE visit!
    -Ashley L.
  • Dr. Page was very good and put me at ease.
    -Vicente R.
  • After two visits I’m already feeling relief I haven’t felt in over a year! I have confidence I will be feeling even better after continued visits and treatment.
    -Rachael B.
  • Dr. Page is the best! Besides the fact that he is a skilled, caring professional, I love that he is a faith filled man committed to his family and represents everything that is good in this life.
    -Jo Ann S.
  • Thank you so much Dr. page and staff! Top of the line service all around!
    -Christopher G.
  • Your team is amazing! I love how quickly I get treated each time and the helpfulness of the team. It has been a pure pleasure!
    -Monique B.
  • I’m too happy to find you guys. You are very professional and helping me a lot with my Spine.
    -Wilbur H.
  • Muy contenta con el tratamiento y todos son muy amables.
    -Consuelo C.
  • Highly recommend the doctor & practice. Wonderful experience!
    -Christine A.
  • Great staff and Dr Page is excellent.
    -Osvaldo B.
  • On time, professional, caring and trustworthy! great experience.
    -Hilda M.
  • Great team. Felt better right away.
    -Jorge H.
  • After the first visit, I am confident that Dr. Page will help me.
    -Tony H.
  • I’m very happy with my decision to come to Page Chiropractic I can see results, no question about it!
    -Ricardo M.

I absolutely love Dr Page and the entire team. They are very welcoming, helpful and friendly. Dr Page is an amazing Dr and extremely well at his craft. I am very happy that I discovered Page Chiropractic Life Center and look forward to every single appointment. Jose D.

I was referred to Dr. Page and well the fact that my pain less now in such short time is the most amazing feeling. As an office worker pain was an issue. Thank you Page Chiropractic. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. Julianna O-S.

The staff and the Dr are professional and very courteous!! This place has helped my husband and me immensely!! We are happy and will highly recommend this place to friends and family. Carmen G.

I went in for sciatic pain 10 months post partum and felt relief right after my first visit… I came back for a couple more visits and felt other minor aches and pains (that I almost forgot I had) throughout my back and neck, begin to heal. I brought my 5 kids in for wellness visits; my eldest daughter's posture shot straight up after a little adjustment in her neck- I am amazed. Thank you Dr Page & entire staff! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. Celeste M.

Dr. Page is amazing! Extremely professional service. The people in this place are kind and knowledgeable and they bring you the best options for recovery. He also explains everything excellent. The place is amazingly neat and carefully safe. Environment is relaxing, cozy and ventilated. All the checking in process is online and Covid guidelines are met successfully. I Highly recommend this place to anyone. Anastasiia M.

I love this office and I am so happy to have been referred to you. The visits have already helped me with pain and I am excited to see how my alignment progresses. The entire team is fantastic and heading into the office is a pleasant experience I look forward to. I appreciate how quick the appointments are, that they are always on time, and the high level of customer service. The free class also shows how much you care that clients learn to be active participants in their own healing. Thank you! Melissa J.

Dr. Page and his staff are fantastic! Dr. Page and his team gave me the treatment for my back pain, also educated me on how to prevent further injury and even showed me some exercises to do if the issue is persistent. I can’t recommend Dr. Page highly enough. Thank you. Hakan C.

My family and I have been going to Page Chiropractic for over 20 years. I attribute the health of my family for this way of life. Dr. Page is an expert in his field, and a caring and knowledgeable health care provider. He is well informed in current issues of health and the effects on our bodies. It is always a peace of mind to know that the health of our family is in the most capable hands. As he has taught us from the beginning, our bodies are well empowered to be healthy and strong if we allow it, by keeping the flow of energy of our nerves to be open and optimal. This makes sense and it's absolutely true. I wish good health for everyone I know and for all. I truly thank God for for having the opportunity to receive chiropractic health care from Dr. Page. As he says "Power On"Maria M.

I moved to Miami from the Keys last year and really needed to find a chiropractor closer to me than Key Largo! Upon 2 glowing recommendations, I made an appointment to see Dr. Page. The office staff was friendly and helpful. Most importantly, Dr. Page is a dedicated and highly skilled practitioner; my adjustment was smooth and precise, addressing all my problem areas. I feel truly fortunate to have found Dr. Page!! Julianne H.

Thank you. Dr. Page has been incredible. In a very short period of time he has helped me tremendously and I plan on benefiting from his expertise and treatments for a long time.Sean S.

Our Miami Chiropractic Patients Love Page Chiropractic Life Center

Our patients have discovered wellness!

Letters & Poems Written About Page Chiropractic Life Center

  • "Excellent staff and the doctor has been super helpful with all my questions and treatment! I am very pleased with the service. - M.H
  • "Dr. Ray is oh so sweet his actions make me feel real neat A subluxation every now and then "Thank you" I write with this pen!" - N.G
  • Our family visits Dr. Page Is truly and simply all the rage, We love to wear the gorgeous gowns, And like to hear some `crack, crack` sounds We're always welcomed by his wonderful staff, A little chat, a kiss and a laugh We leave the office feeling great Can't wait to come back, mate! - M.G.
  • "Dr. Page and his staff are top notch healers!!! If anyone is even considering chiropractic treatment, RUSH don't walk to his center to change your life. My wife and I have been blessed to have find this sanctuary when we moved to Miami 6 years ago from Vermont! I've had chronic back and neck pains from two car accidents. The pain at times can be unbearable. I wake up stiff and cranky like a grizzly bear...just ask my :P After a visit with Dr. Page, I feel as light as feather! Even my energy has dramatically increased as a result... for two consecutive visits I went during my birthday in November 2008 and I slept only 1 hour that night! AMAZING ENERGY the next day and I even cleaned our entire house... which my wife loves :)" - C. Grant

Thank you so much for your incredible kindness and amazing healing powers Dr. Page. Both you and your staff have made my life with Fibromyalgia not only manageable but virtually pain free. I cannotexpress enough gratitude in this simple message….but please know that I am eternally grateful for the progress that I have made in your hands at your center. I look forward to each and every appointment and I see so many positive changes in my life since starting chiropractic care. AGAIN – thank youuuuu and many blessings to you and your beautiful staff.” Patry R.

Why They Chose Page Chiropractic Life Center…

  • “The entire visit was very pleasant. I was made to feel at ease and hopeful that I could be helped through the process.” – K.A.
  • “He’s very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed” – E.S.
  • “Because he makes me feel GOOD!” – R.M.
  • “Because Dr. Page keeps me healthy so I can keep working to pay for orchids, plants, trees and traveling. He also allows me to pamper my fury friends. Thank you.” – S.O.
  • “Because he has brought me a long way from where I was to where I am today. I’m kicking once more.”- E.G.
  • “Because he “lights” up my life with his nimble fingers and winning smile.” – K.G.
  • “Because Dr. Page is very kind and gentle. He has made me feel very comfortable and has informed me thoroughly about things related to my spine that I did not previously know. I’m lucky to know him because I feel better each day and I’m no longer afraid of chiropractors. Thanks!”- L.C.
  • “An adjustment from him is like “flossing” my bones. I feel all energized and ready to kick off another day after his magic fingers flosses thru my back.” – N.F
  • “I am fortunate to know Dr. Page since my bones need adjusting as I age. For correcting my subluxations he has my eternal adoration.”- T.C.
  • “Because he turns on the POWER and the ENERGY for me every time. Thank You!”- A.M.
  • “I am feeling much better now. My neck and back pains has been reduced.”- A.P.
  • “Porque al termino de mi tratamiento tendré una mejor vida.” – L.F.
  • “Because he knows how to straighten me out.”- M.O.
  • “Porque desde que le conocí y me trato con el, mi vida ha cambiado para bien y mi salud esta mejorando. Gracias.”- D.M.

What are you telling others about Chiropractic care and our Miami chiropractic office?

  • “That you are excellent and that I have started to see results.”- G.M.
  • “That it is a very good answer to a lot of medical problems and that so far everything is working out and I am feeling better.”
  • “My thoughts are all positive. I am spreading the news!”- J.C.
  • “Chiropractic care helps me feel good and free of pain. I like the on going education in the classes, videos and hand-outs. I am happy that the long term bad effects of my subluxations have been prevented and taken care of.” – M.E.
  • La Familia Orta feliz con sus ajustes!
  • The Chang Family with Dolmari. “Everyone happy after being checked.”
  • “I love Page Chiropractic Life Center and tell everyone what a great place it is. They know what they are talking about! Thank God!” – D.M.
  • “The office, the people working there and the care together combine to form a very healing environment. I look forward to my visits. I tell any and everyone the positive and healing effects it has had on my life. Not all Chiropractors are created equal so go see the best at PCLC for your adjustments.” – M.C.
  • “I am always telling people about the benefits of chiropractic care and how much it has helped me. Especially and more importantly about this office. Everyone in the office is wonderful and the care is great!” -M. V.

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