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Page Chiropractic Life Center Can Help

Let Your Trusted Page Chiropractic Life Center Chiropractor Help You Restore Wellness

Your Miami Chiropractor uses modern technology

We use modern technology to meet your wellness needs

At Page Chiropractic Life Center, we strive to provide unique and cutting edge services that help patients heal from symptoms such as headaches, pregnancy, low energy levels and any children dealing with hyperactivity.

Your journey toward health and the cherished partnership between doctor and patient is the focus of many Page Chiropractic Life Center chiropractors, Page Chiropractic Life Center.

We provide specific and selective chiropractic adjustments, education to live life optimally, and supportive care such as massage therapy, exercise and nutrition.

Your Page Chiropractic Life Center Chiropractor can help you!

Back Pain And Headaches

Our office is known for getting excellent results with back pain and headaches because we find the cause of the problem and don’t treat the effects. Typically, new patients have been trying different remedies such as pills, injections and even natural suppressants, only to find out they are not getting to the cause and only covering up the symptom. We use the symptoms to help lead us to the cause, aim to correct that cause and as a result see healing that typically doesn’t improve.

Difficult Chiropractic Cases

Our Page Chiropractic Life Center chiropractic office is known for getting results in cases where other methods have failed. The Gonstead System allows for a more specific approach that addresses the uniqueness of the individual’s spine. We enjoy taking the time to properly examine a patient’s spine to find specifically where the nerve is irritated. We also enjoy that our patients comment on the gentleness of the care and the adjustments we provide.

Pregnant Women & Colicky Babies

Unlike most Page Chiropractic Life Center chiropractors, we are a family practice and as such are very well informed and trained on topics such as pregnancy and newborn babies. We are very familiar with what it takes to have a successful pregnancy. It definitely starts with having a well adjusted mother. We believe every woman deserves a more comfortable and optimum pregnancy.

In addition, we take care of many newborns experiencing colic, reflux or sleeping problems. Many times a fussy or colicky baby is just a baby with a build up of tension…they have their own form of stress, if you will. Please ask if you are unfamiliar with this gentle form of chiropractic or if you would like more information about why a baby would need an adjustment.

Regain Your Energy Levels

Many patients come in because they are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”…They are exhausted from the stresses of life. Our approach of restoring balance to the spine and nervous system allows for energy to be used in other aspects of their lives. When we are out of balance with compressed nerves, our body works overtime to obtain homeostasis. The end result is chronic tiredness. It is common for our Page Chiropractic Life Center chiropractic patients to say they are sleeping deeper and they have more energy.

Children with Hyperactivity

We see excellent results with hyperactivity cases because we work with the nervous system. Many children with hyperactivity have an imbalance in the nervous system resulting in “uncontrolled energy”. It is similar to a garden hose being pinched where the water flies out uncontrollably. Our chiropractic care is centered on restoring balance to the nervous system and allowing the child to function at his/her God-given potential.

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