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Page Chiropractic Life Center
Joining Our Practice

Your Chiropractors Welcome You Back!

Chiropractors in Miami welcome you back!

Our patient rooms are welcoming and relaxing.

A new patient’s second visit is the longest visit they will ever have with their Chiropractor. However, we are packing a lot in a short amount of time. Our goal on this visit is for us to save you time in the future by giving you a full understanding of your condition, how you can most efficiently make an optimum correction, and to give you some different options for care.

We fully understand good health starts with good habits. We will teach you habits that will help you spend less time on heath problems and more time on living a vibrant life. “The best health insurance you can have is a well thought out health plan that is based on proven principles.”

If needed, on this visit you will get checked and adjusted by your Chiropractors in South Miami. Then, the doctor will go over the things you need to do or avoid doing in order to get the results you want faster. Lastly, the doctor will go over all the findings and the exact condition of your spine, as well as your care plan. The doctor will stress the uniqueness of your spine and educate you on what is right for your body.

What do you need to bring? The most important component of this visit is to bring your spouse or a close family member with you. We always say “Two heads are better than one.” It is important that those close to you understand your condition and how it is being managed by the doctor and the patient. In addition, the one item you should bring with you is your calendar. For your convenience, once the doctor is finished providing his reports we will assist you with scheduling your appointments in accordance to your care plan.

Returning To Page Chiropractic Life Center For Regular Visits

We love to see our patients’ faces when they walk thru the door, and always enjoy their presence. We know each visit is one step closer to optimum health. However, we are well aware that most people are under very tight schedules. Therefore, we strive to make typical visits no longer than 15 minutes from the moment they walk thru our doors to the moment they leave. Our efficient systems and proven techniques allow us to cover a lot in a short period of time. Remember, results is what has made us successful.

Typically, a patient will first sign in on our touch screen located on the front desk of our office. A changing room will be assigned and the patient at that time will change and do their pre-adjustment stretches/exercises. Then, the chiropractic assistant will gather any information necessary and the doctor will check for subluxation utilizing the Gonstead System.

A full spine scan of your nervous system is done on each visit and if needed, the doctor will give a gentle, specific and selective adjustment. Power on! Any questions will be answered, and your recommendations will be given to you and explained.

Then it’s time to change into your clothes and be finished with your appointment. You will be given a warm send off until your next visit with your Chiropractors in South Miami!

Questions? Concerns? Give Page Chiropractic Life Center a call now and put your mind at ease.

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