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Dr. Raymond C. Page

Chiropractor in South Miami, Dr. Raymond C. Page

Dr. Raymond C. Page and his famliy

I have a confession to make. I get a lot of credit that I do not deserve. My office was built on getting great results and having a lot of satisfied patients. All too often patients feel that I cured or healed them and this is where the confession needs to be made. Yes, we have always gotten great results, but this is only because we allow the patient to heal themselves.

I have been given a tool (chiropractic) that first allows me to recognize the innate intelligence that each person is born with. I have also been taught that this intelligence uses the nervous system to do all the wonderful things a body can do. Through skilled hands, modern technology and gentle techniques we are able to remove interferences in the nervous system (subluxations) that are preventing people from healing themselves.In simpler words, I get credit for what the body is designed to do…if we allow it.

Chiropractic Chose Me

I always say that I did not choose to become a chiropractor, but chiropractic chose me. At a young age I was introduced to chiropractic by my best friend’s dad. I was intrigued that my friend’s family had no medicines in their home. As I learned more about chiropractic through a high school project it only made more and more sense. I also began to realize we live in an over medicated society. I was blessed at a young age to realize that chiropractic was more than just a profession, but also a lifestyle that I could share with others. It became my passion and my mission in life.

I chose to attend Life University because it embodied the philosophy in which I lived, and now I’m the chiropractor in South Miami!

I wanted to learn more about how the human body worked, what made it sick and more importantly what made it well. I knew I was in the right place when Dr. Sid Williams, founder of the university, dropped his keys in our freshman orientation. After he said, “chiropractic works like gravity. When you do the right things to the body you get the right results.” I could not wait to learn more on how to make the body well and keep it well. My final year and a half I received a partial scholarship and worked as a Senior Intern in the outpatient clinic. This program was reserved for select students who excelled in their studies and passed a rigorous exam that included learning ALL the chiropractic techniques. I was fortunate to see how different cases responded to different techniques and clinicians. Shortly after graduating from Life University, I helped found the first chiropractic clinic in Peru. As a result I was able take care of hundreds of people a day in a country where chiropractic was brand new. Not only was I able to gain tremendous experience, but I was able to see cases you typically would not see in the United States. As a result, I got to see first hand how powerful a specific chiropractic adjustment could be and the changes it could make in someone’s life.

Our key office value has always been to first respect and admire the healing ability that each patient is equipped within themselves. All too often doctors put too much emphasis on what is wrong with the patient and not what is right. Each patient comes in with a wisdom that already knows how to heal. We just need to remove the interferences that are preventing the body from doing so. We fully recognize that every contact a staff member in our office has with someone has either a positive or negative effect on that patient’s ability to heal. As your chiropractor in South Miami, we choose compassion, understanding, listening, and love as tools to communicate and direct us toward optimum results and outcomes. My greatest satisfaction is to see that “aha moment” in a patient. The moment a patient realizes that healing comes from within and not from the outside, in the form of a pill, potion or lotion. Once we achieve this moment I know my job to remove the interference is much easier and we can watch the “miracles” happen.

My Incredible Family

I have been blessed with the most wonderful, beautiful and supporting wife of twelve years, Dolmari. As a result of our love we have two terrific daughters in Brianna who is 8 and Gabriela who is 5. Dolmari, who I met at church, commonly jokes that I spent more time talking about chiropractic on our first date than I did trying to find out more about her. My response is “it worked!” Both our girls play the piano and we enjoy attending their concerts as a family. However, Brianna rides horses and is involved in Girl Scouts while Gabriela plays soccer. Dolmari is extremely dedicated to the girls and their activities. She also runs the “behind the scenes” of Page Chiropractic Life Center. In her spare time (which is sparse time) she hangs out with friends and likes to shop. When time allows, I love to be outdoors, especially on the water with a fishing rod in my hands. I also love to hang out in the backyard with family and friends cooking and swimming in the pool.

Your Chiropractor Lives A Chiropractic Lifestyle

I have always said that our family, with the graces of God, is a walking testimony for the chiropractic lifestyle. Since I was introduced to chiropractic at ten years of age, I have never had a drug/medication in my body. I have also never missed a day in the office because of any illness, and this includes spending two years in Peru where I would spend time in below optimum environments. Since I met my wife, she also has been absent of any medications.

Our two girls were born at home without drugs and instead with plenty of love and a supporting environment. It is an extreme blessing that my girls have never had a vaccination, antibiotic or drug in their bodies. And have never missed a day from school due to illness, even on that very first year when they encounter a new environment. If this sounds “strange”, please talk with me about this. It is a conversation I love to have. We strongly believe that our kids are being brought up the way God intended it to be. I don’t recommend this for every family, but only those that are willing to implement and carry forth the efforts of living the chiropractic lifestyle.

Our health goal as a family is to eliminate, as much as possible, physical, emotional, spiritual or chemical stresses that potentially could effect the proper function of the body.Weekly chiropractic check-ups (adjustments only when needed) help our body adapt to any stresses that are limiting our optimum potential.

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