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Cancer Killer Workshop

Dr Joe Accurso DC, Dr Raymond Page DC and sponsored by the St Louis Church Health Ministry
Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 12:00 PM Miami, FL

Millions are diagnosed with this deadly disease each year, but how much do we really know about cancer? Is it genetic or can it be prevented? Convention states that early detection is the key, but doesn’t that mean you’re already sick? And aren’t the standard treatments nearly as agonizing as the disease itself?

Maximized Living will show you that cancer’s cause is actually its cure, as well as build the blueprint for the “Don’t Get It” plan that will transform you into a cancer killer.

  • What cancer really is, and how your body is naturally programmed to kill it
  • The dangers of conventional treatment methods
  • How lifestyle choices dramatically boost or reduce cancer development
  • The “don’t get it” plan
  • Practical action steps for cancer prevention

Class is Free but we strongly recommend the book Cancer Killer which you can prepay $20 and pick up at the office or event. Or you can pay $25 for the book after Oct 10. TO SIGN UP GO TO:

Will Massage Help Me?

This is a question I am commonly asked. A proper massage by a well trained licensed massage therapist will absolutely help you. I see massage being beneficial on two general levels outside of the obvious reasons of relieving tension, improving circulation and ridding the body of toxins. First massage can “break-up” adhesions or “muscle bundles” that have formed as a result of chronic subluxation. Second, massage helps with relieving the effects of daily emotional stress that can lead to subluxation.

When an individual has had chronic or long standing subluxation the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) can become fibrosed or scared. As a subluxation is reduced in the spine through adjustments, massage will help prevent the “rubber band” effect of muscles pulling a bone back out of alignment because of the long standing tension in the muscle. So as you can see proper massage can help with the healing process and in some cases it is vital for optimum results.

The “daily grind” for many people result in stored up tension in the muscle system of the body. These people commonly end up with “forward head syndrome” or “shoulder earrings” where the shoulders are raised up to the ears. Massage helps to reduce the daily tensions and keep our bodies loose and adaptable.

Oh yeah! I forgot to say massage just feels good. Your body likes to know you are taking time for it and it will reward you with better performance and comfort. I can not stress enough to make sure your massages are done by a well trained licensed therapist in a licensed facility. Here at PCLC our therapist are hand picked and tremendous pride is taken into giving the best massage Miami has to offer. Everything from the tables we use, the oils that are put on your skin, to the environment around us is chosen with the highest of standards. Our therapists are also working in harmony with your chiropractic care. Therapists have access to your x-rays, thermal scans and muscle scans to better familiarize them with your body. They also are in communication with Dr. Page to coordinate your care.

Remember chiropractic care does not treat conditions or illnesses. It is much bigger than that. Chiropractic care releases interference that prevents your body from healing itself. Chiropractic works with the innate intelligence with in you that knows when, where and how to heal you. In order to maximize this healing capacity it is vital that all care including massage therapy is built on the intent to remove these interferences. There is a big difference between massaging a tight muscle and releasing what causes the tight muscle. “Nature needs no help, just on interference.”
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