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The Team Of Page Chiropractic Life Center

Our staff at Page Chiropractic Life Center is comprised of a highly qualified and dedicated team alongside the Chiropractor. With over 10 years of combined Chiropractic knowledge, our patients feel that they are getting the best care in the field of Chiropractic here at Page Chiropractic Life Center.

As your Chiropractor, I value our experienced team, and you’ll appreciate working with them as well!

South Miami Chiropractor Team Member Dolmari


Dolmari, Page Director

Dolmari plays a vital role in being a life source of Page Chiropractic Life Center by following the Doctor’s mission in allowing families to reach their optimal potential of life and health.

Dolmari assist the office by maintaining exterior aspects of office management, i.e. purchasing, accounting and office operations.

She is an overall great support for the office.

South Miami Chiropractor Team Member Lucy


Lucy Perez, Front Desk/CA

Lucy loves to guide our patients to wellness by tracking their progress and encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Her amicable personality puts people at ease and makes them feel part of our family.

Most of the time you will find Lucy at our front desk, scheduling appointments for consultations, assisting in nutrition examinations, teaching proper exercise, explaining care plans,and but not least making sure your visit to our office will be a memorable one.

Maday Amable & Suzana Fernandes, X-ray Tech and Table Side Assistants

South Miami Chiropractor Team Member Maday


South Miami Chiropractor Team Member Suzana


Suzana and Maday are the dynamic duo responsible for guiding our patients on their first steps of their journey to total health and wellness.

They are proficient at creating a relaxed and healing atmosphere while gathering important information and assisting the doctor with evaluations and X-rays, when necessary.
They both have a true desire for the well being of others and are great with people.

Rosa Aguilar, Office Manager Billing Specialist

Being a person that understands the needs of others, Rosa strives to uphold our office as a place where optimal wellness is achieved. By abiding to the principles of natural healing and emphasizing teamwork among the staff, Rosa makes sure our patients’ health goals are met. In addition, Rosa is our billing specialist. She takes care of billing, as well as all insurance information.

Lindsay Abarzua, Licensed Massage Therapist

A great technician with warm hands. They specialize in a variety of techniques such as Sweedish, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular, to name a few. She is a great spirited individual who loves her job very much and looks forward to help you relax and relieve stress.

Brianna and Gabriela





These wonderful girls bring life into Page Chiropractic when they walk through the doors with excitement and love in their enormous hearts. We love having them here helping us in anything they can do, from greeting patients to opening doors.

If you are lacking health, we will help you regain it. If you have health, we will help you maintain it.

Contact Page Chiropractic Life Center today to make an appointment.

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