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Adjustment, Massage...which do I need?

What a great question that I hear a lot.  Both have their benefits, and at different times one is priority over the other.  The answer is not simple so I will do my best to explain.  Adjustments directly deal with stretching ligaments of which hold bones in place.  Muscles contract in order to allow for movement of bones.  When a spine is with subluxation or out of alignment, the body will naturally try to align itself and will use the muscles to try and “pull” the spine back into alignment.  This is where adjustments are needed in order to stretch the ligaments.  With that said you would think that by adjusting the spine back into alignment, the mucles would then relax on their own.  Yes, that is very true but muscles have “memory” and in some instances stay contracted and tight due to habit.  This is where a massage is needed in order to “release” those pressure points that have built up in the belly of the muscles.  Adjustments stretch the ligaments and over time can allow for the spine to “fit” back into position and muscles should relax.  With an aligned spine the nervous system functions optimally allowing for optimum healing.  Remember, our bodies are created to be self healing.  “The body needs no help outside of giving it what it needs, just no interference!”

Another benefit of massage is when an individualmassage room is dealing with a lot of daily stress.  As stress “builds up” the muscles will contract as a defense mechanism to the stress.  Massage helps to not allow the stress to reach the deep layers of the ligaments, of which would eventually lead to subluxation.

If you are still not sure please ask?  Your body is an amazing healing machine.  Sometimes all it needs is a little TLC to get all that “amazement” flowing.  Have a healthy day, Dr. Page

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  1. Elly Alovis says
    Nov 21, 2017 at 1:49 PM

    Great explanation...thank you for consistently setting my body ready for positive outcomes. BIG THANK YOU 🦋

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