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As the Twig is bent, so Grows the Tree

After seeing some kids come out of an adjustment room a patient asked me, “you adjust kids?”  My response is, “of course we do.”  I am always a little shocked by this question because for me it is only natural that kids would also get checked and adjusted as needed.  Kids have a spine and kids also have stress in the forms of physical, mental/emotional and chemical insults.  Could you imagine going through life without taking care of your teeth, heart, or just general health?  Of course not.  How about your spine? How do you take care of it?  Think of your spine like a circuit breaker.  When the circuit breaker is overloaded a fuse trips.  Back in your spine the vertebra “trip” to help adapt to stresses.  Most of the time the body will readjust itself but if a stress is repetitive or severe it could cause your spine to get “locked” in a bad position.  In a growing spine this may or may not cause immediate lasting symptoms but it will lay down the framework for future biomechanical distortions of the spine which could lead to more systemic problems in the body.  Plus, I always see it as I want everyone to be at their 100% God given potential.  So, with that said, and spring break upon us now is a better time than ever to get the kids checked.  Find a chiropractor that specializes in maintaining a healthy nervous system through adjustment of vertebral subluxation.20131116_150156[1] “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree!” Dr. Page

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