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Do You Have A Plan?

As a many of you know in being a parent, we are constantly teaching our kids. One of the lessons I often teach is that little in life happens just because of chance. Yes, sometimes we may just get “lucky” but long term success with anything happens because we have a plan.

The question I have for you now is do you have a plan to deal with the physical and mental effects of phones and computers? 

Obviously this picture is a little dramatic, but research and common sense tells us phone are messing up our posture and spines. Does it mean you just throw away your phone? No, but you must have a strategy. This strategy starts with fully understanding the effects phones are having on our health and then knowing what to do to make sure you are maintaining a healthy spine.

A good spine in this day and age does not just happen by chance. It takes a well executed plan that will allow you to keep your phone and achieve optimum health and vitality. 

If you have any questions, please ask on your next visit or give us a call. Yes, health and wellness happens! - Dr. Page

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