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No Monkey Business Please, Holiday Hours.

20170804_141423[1]As a reminder we are open today Thursday until 6:30pm.  We will reopen Tuesday after the Labor Day Weekend.  So, take advantage and be well adjusted for the holiday weekend.  Blessings and peace, Dr. Page

And now to “No Monkey Business!”

A  question I was recently asked is “why we don’t have all the ancillary equipment that a lot of other chiropractors use.  Things such as roller tables, electric stimulation, hot packs etc. ”  My response is real simple.  “Nothing is bigger than an adjustment that allows the body to heal itself.” Instead of treating and suppressing symptoms our focus is always to work with your body to allow healing to occur from within you. In this case…NO treatment necessary! It is amazing the innate ability the body has to be able to heal itself.  Conditions like chronic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, digestive issue, skin problems and even immune system problems to name a few can all be resolved by the body healing itself.  “Nature needs no help, just no interference.  At Page Chiropractic Life Center we practice traditional chiropractic with modern techniques and technology to allow for the most specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment possible.  It is a beautiful blend of utilizing the principles of healing with the gifts that technology provides us.


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