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Parkinsons, MS,...and a Question

20120816_072221[1]The following link is an encouraging article about how chiropractic care helped someone Parkinson’s Disease.  Being in practice for over 20 years and I can “ditto” the findings and attest to how specific adjustments can help those with Parkinson’s.

And it doesn’t stop with Parkinson.  Chiropractic has been show to help with many other neurological conditions.  I have a current patient who has been chronically dealing with Multiple Sclerosis.  She recently came in and was sharing with me how much her MS symptoms have decreased since she has been under chiropractic care to the point they have drastically decreased her medications.  Her MS doctor told her how important this was because of the long term effects of all the steroids.  And she just spent a weekend walking around Disney World.

Your body is amazing and has a innate ability to heal itself and adapt to conditions and stresses.  Chiropractic seeks to improve the health of your nervous system of which sends vital instructions and messages to all the cells, tissues and organs of your body and thus allowing your body to function optimally.  Stress can affect your nervous system by causing a condition called vertebral subluxation.  A specific chiropractic adjustment seeks to restore normal function to the spine and nervous system by correcting vertebral subluxation.  My question is “who could benefit from chiropractic care?”

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