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Trick OR Treat

With a specific, scientific Chiropractic adjustment it is only TREATS!…Unlike “TRICKS” in the form of drugs, painkillers and other medications that mask, cover up, hide or supress what the body is trying to communicate.    The beauty of chiropractic is when you get better it is because your body is healing and you are at a higher level of health.  Unfortunately many people don’t apply the principles of healing.  The key is to remove the interferences that are preventing your body from functioning at 100%.  What a TREAT that removes nerve interference and allows health to flow from within.  No tricks, just good old fashion TREATS here at Page Chiropractic Life Center.

Now as for my daughter in this picture.  Maybe she is trying to TRICK people into thinking she is the real Elton John…but she is still truely a TREAT! Come on in and get your Halloween adjustment.

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