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What to Expect from Chiropractic Care at Page Chiropractic Life Center

Chiropractors in Miami are welcoming!


What is very common for our new patients to say after their first visit is “I already feel better” or “I wish I would have done this sooner.” These results are achievable because of the standards of care and the procedures that are in place, which allow us to practice our healing art effectively and efficiently.

Our goal on the first visit is first to see at what level chiropractic can help you and secondly to provide some form of care that will help your condition.

As your Chiropractors In Miami, we strive to let our new patients know that chiropractic is more that just a way to alleviate symptoms. By finding and correcting the underlying cause of decreased function in the body, we are able to help the body heal itself.

We strongly believe that everything in the office from the atmosphere to the compassion of our staff will contribute to a positive or negative experience. For this reason expect to see a modern yet “homey” office, and to be greeted with a friendly smile.

Our well trained staff will make you feel comfortable and assist you to gather information and prepare you to meet with the doctor. Of great importance on this visit is for us to fully understand your problems and concerns, and that’s what we do at Page Chiropractic Life Center.

Your First Visit To Your Chiropractors In Miami

Welcome to Page Chiropractic Life Center! After filling out your paperwork, can begin working with you!

The doctor will use simple exam procedures such as static palpation and nervoscope readings to more sophisticated testing such as surface electromyography and digital x-rays, if they are needed. The visit will end with the doctor giving recommendations to help you maintain the work that has been done and to continue the healing process.

Please ask questions at this time as it is important to us to know that you know how to get and stay well. Our staff will schedule you for any follow up visits and your visit to review your exam results. As your trusted Chiropractors In Miami, our goal is to accomplish your first visit within an hour. What facilitates this if for our new patients to fill out the initial entrance form online. We fully understand you time is valuable.

So, check us out and get to know what visiting your chiropractors in Miami is like. Then, contact Page Chiropractic Life Center to make an appointment so we can get to know you.

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