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Your Amazing Body

Sometimes what we see as amazing or what we call a “miracle” is just the body doing what it is designed to do.  Remember, your body is always working for you to maintain you healthy and healing.  Our goal is to always remove the interferences  that are preventing your body from working at its 100% God given potential.  I recently had a patient where you could see the “light bulb” go off in his mind.  He said “how refreshing to have  a system (chiropractic) that works with the inner innate ability heal oneself versus  the outside-in approach in the for of pharmacology to treat people from the outside-in.  The greatest pharmacy is inside our body.  Over 20  years of practice and every day I am more convinced Chiropractic is a gift from God that helps us feel the greatness of life.  Have a Blessed and healthy day.  Gabriela

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